Fire alarm systems help protect lives and property, and building codes dictate that businesses must contain a functioning fire system to remain operational. Therefore, anyone managing a facility will be faced with the complexities of fire alarm installation and maintenance.

Join us for a free, one-hour live tutorial to master the basics of fire alarm systems. Our resident fire alarm system expert, Scott Dulaney, will provide you with a greater understanding of fire detection and alarm systems required by today's codes. After this training you will understand:

  • How building, fire, and life safety codes impact the requirements for fire detection and alarm systems
  • The basic configuration of a fire detection and alarm system
  • The basic types of circuits
  • Key requirements for primary power and for protection of primary power
  • The options for secondary power supplies 

ScottDulaney-1Scott Dulaney is a founding member of Performance Systems Integration (PSI). Having served in the industry for over 30 years, including 12 as the owner and president of PSI, Scott is now retired but continues to lend his industry expertise to the PSI team.



Scott LeClair is an account executive and has been with PSI for nearly 20 years. Scott is a licensed Washington Electrical Administrator and 06 Limited Energy. He also holds an Oregon LEA license. Scott is NICET Certified Level IV – Fire Alarm Systems.